Launch and Sales

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Xbox 360 was the first console to be released in this generation(7th). The xbox 360 have a one year lead advantage against their rival, PS3 and Wii.  The early launch cost the 360 some problems due to the infamous RROD. Microsoft was able to get past this by offering a 3 year warranty for those who are receiving RROD. During the launch 18 titles are available for the 360. From Dec 31 2005 to Dec 31 2006, Microsoft has sold approximately 8.3million units. As of today, the 360 has sold over 53million units. The Xbox 360 dominates in America in terms of sales.

The Ps3 was the second console to be released after the 360. Even though the PS3 was released after a year later than the xbox 360, the PS3 is closing the gap due to 360’s lack of sale in Japan and Europe. The PS3’s launch were pretty decent but it was held back due shortages and because of bluray being new technology at the time, there were difficulties in manufacturing. From Dec 31, 2006 to Dec 31, 2007, the PS3 has sold over 10.5million units. As of today, the PS3 has sold over 49million units worldwide. The PS3 has had decent sales on the US but makes up for it with generally good sales in Japan and in Europe.

Ps3: Green

Wii: Blue

360: red

The Wii… the Wii has the most successful launch compared to the 2. In europe, The Wii was sold out in the first 24 hourst it was released. People waited in the crowd just to buy wii.

Some even

bought it off from ebay for triple the price. Wii was very hard to get for months after it was released.  From Dec 31, 2006 to Dec 31, 2007, the Wii has sold over 20 million units and even beats the units sold of both xbox 360 and PS3. As of today, the Wii has sold over 86.5 million units worldwide. the highest of sales among its competitors.


History of Wii

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Wii is the last console to be released of this generation. Nintendo Wii was released on  November 19, 2006 , 8 days after the PS3 is released. Compared to the 360 and PS3, the Wii targets a lot of casual players. If your into family gaming or non hardcore gaming, the Wii is the right product for you.


Compared to the Wii’s competetor, the 360 and PS3,  the hardware of Wii is the least powerful of all the 3.  Although the least powerful, Nintendo Wii takes risk into revolutionizing gaming and emphasizes more into motion gaming rather than graphics. Wii’s Hardware consists of

PowerPC-based “Broadway” processor,

ATI “Hollywood” GPU

88 MB main memory

512 Nand flash Memory

The Wii also relies on the remote’s hardware for it to work and the remote is made of

ADXL330 accelerometer


STMicroelectronics LIS3L02AL

History of PS3

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On November 11, 2006, Sony released a console named PS3 to compete with the current generation consoles like the Wii and the Xbox 360.

Although a little late in the game (a year to be exact), the PS3 wa

s able to catch the consumer’s eyes due to the success of its predecessor the PS2.


One of the selling point of the PS3 is not only it is a gaming system, it can also be an entertainment system.

The PS3 is the first and only console that plays blu-ray. Blu-ray is becoming the new medium for putting data such as movies or games and will soon replace the DVD.  The PS3 is made of IBM-designed CPU which is almost the same as the 360’s specifications.It also includes a NVIDIA RSX graphics chipset and a 256MB RAM. In terms of hardware, the PS3 beats the 360 due to robusts media features including bluetooth, HDMI output and builtin wireless adapter which the 360 didn’t have.

Technical Problems:

Compared to the Xbox 360, the PS3’s reliability blows the 360’s out of the water. A survey conducted by SquareTrade, shows that PS3’s failure rate under 2 year lifespan is only 10%.


Like the xbox 360, the ps3 also received several revisions on the hardware.  The first revisions were minor and it removed some unecessary hardware to lessen the production costs. During the early years of the release It costs Sony $806 for every PS3 and the retail price of their product is $499. So for every PS3 sold, Sony loses $306 and they make up for their loses from the games they sell.

On September 1, 2009 Sony released PS3 slim which is a complete redesign of the PS3 to heavily reduce the manufacturing costs.

The PS3 slim is lighter and smaller version of the original PS3 and some features were also stripped down to heavily reduce the manufacturing costs. As of now, Sony closes the gap to $18 per PS3s sold.

History of xbox 360

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On November 22, 2005, Microsoft released their second console called the Xbox 360. It is the successor of Xbox which was released on November 15, 2001. Microsoft takes the initiative by being the first to release a console for this generation. The xbox 360 competes with the Wii and the PS3.


The first xbox 360’s specification consists of

Custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU

Custom ATI Graphics Processor

512 MB of 700 MHz GDDR3 RAM

20gb of storage

DVD player

Technical Problems:

After the release of the xbox 360, consumers have reported many technical problems on the xbox 360 including scatching dvds and the dreaded Red Ring of Death (RROD). The infamous RROD is caused by bad design and improper placing of components. The RROD may also appear due to overheating and inadequate airflow on the console.  A survey conducted by Game Informer, shows that the 360 has a failure rate of 54.2%.

The Xbox 360 had a bad launch and because of the xbox’s reliabilty, Microsoft gave the consumers

a 3 year warranty to replaceor fix broken 360 due to RROD.


Because of the RROD and many technical problems, the 360 had many revisions including a new graphics chip, motherboard and cooling fans while it helped reduce the failure rate of the 360, there is still a high percentage that an RROD could happen. On June 18, 2010, Microsoft released a completely redesigned xbox 360 that fixed the problems that the predecessor had.  The newly designed Xbox named “Xbox 360 S” received an overhaul of update including a new motherboard called Valhalla, and graphics card called XCGPU 45nm which produces less heat and also added a built in wireless adapter.