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It was the day  on May 2010, the day I decided to change. It was the day I got my Wii fit!

As soon as I stepped on it, it was then I realized I needed the change. I was disappointed by the information I was given. That is when I decided I change my eating habits and lose the weight.  With such little device, you could change your life drastically.

Yes, this device is so simple yet so life changing. I’ve been through hellish moments with this device and this has been my partner for the whole duration of my journey. Without this device, I would have never crossed the finish line. There may be times where I fell and stopped but I was able to get back on the wagon. Many people said that I wouldn’t make it and that only made me stronger because I strive for it. I want to prove they’re wrong. A video could change your life.


Sep2010-Feb 2011

For the moment I’m on a Hiatus and I plan to embark on  another journey soon… Wii Fit 2 please 🙂


After Sony released their PS3 slim, Sony released an update to all the PS3 in which removes the OtherOS feature on all PS3. The reason of removal was because of a new found exploit that would render the PS3 vulnerable against hackers. If the user chose to not update, the user cannot go online. Because of this, Sony faced several lawsuits claiming that Sony is removing officially advertised features.

In august of 2010, a jailbreak was released to the public which enables the user to play illegal backups of any games and downloaded games. A few months later a team of hackers called fail0verflow found a private key that is used by Sony to run applications for the PS3. George Hotz, also known as the guy who hacked the iphone, later released the private key to the public. With the private key released to the public, the PS3 is vulnerable to any hacks including the installation of OtherOS. Soon after, Sony files a lawsuit for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

On April 26 2011, Sony shut down their servers due to an attack attempted by the hackers. Soon after, Sony made a public statement saying that the consumers personal information including their credit cards has been compromised. Sony admits that the stolen personal data was not encrypted and 77million of  personal information has been compromised. The next day, Sony faces another lawsuit for what is now being called ‘history’s largest ever data breach in the world”.  With over 77 million data stolen by the hackers, Sony will have a hard time trying to get back the consumers trust.

Lawsuits after lawsuits after lawsuits, how can sony survive a barrage of lawsuits and still get the consumer’s trust.

Pros and Cons

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Every console has its ups and downs. And it is a good idea to own all 3 because it gives you variety of options on which game to play. But if you are tight on budget, this will help you decide to pick which one is the right for you

Xbox 360 Slim


-Robust online features – netflix, cross game chat, hulu plus, xbox live

-Exclusive games

-Larger userbase

-talkative players


-weekly promotions


-Have to pay for subscription

-Reliability issues


PS3 Slim


-Free online play

-Blu Ray

-Exclusive games

-great for entertainment


-Lack of online features

-no cross game chat

-little promotions



-Gives good workout

-fun with family and friends

-unique gameplay


-Non HD

-lack of quality games

If you’re into shooters, online play and more talking, I would recommend the Xbox 360

If you’re into fighting, racing, RPG, sports, I would recommend the PS3

If you’re a casual gamer and want to play with your family, friends. Wii is the right choice for you.

Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Wii

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Which one is the best? The answer is purely my opinion but if I were to pick, I would choose the xbox 360.

Why I chose the xbox 360?

There are many different reasons why I think the Xbox 360 is the best.

1) Comfortable controller – everytime I play the PS3 controller, I would get hand cramps after hours of playing and this doesn’t happen when I play on the xbox controller

2) Robust online features – xbox live, netflix, hulu and in game cross game chat seals the deal for me.

3) Most of my friends play on the xbox – more fun

4) Most games I have is for xbox – more variety

5) Shooters – Xbox is a must have if you’re into shooters.

We are nearing the end of this generation of console, in fact, Nintendo is gearing up for the next generation and is currently working on project cafe which is supposedly the successor of the Wii.

Is it time for us to upgrade to the next generation? The Wii surely needs an upgrade due to it being the least powerful against the 2.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 in my opinion still have the legs to run for at least two more years because Kinect and PS Move was just released. It is still early for an xbox 720 or a PS4 because we have yet to see the true potential of both consoles. Both systems are such a powerful device and it would take 2 more years for it to be outdated and struggle to run new games. Also, with the recession going on, it would be bad for the consumers to get the new gadgets and stay updated on a fast moving advancement in technology

With the newly released Kinect and PS move, we can expect more games to be released in the future. It would be a bad decision for Microsoft to release a new console now as more than 10million bought kinect and the consumers have yet to enough games for the Kinect. As of today, there is only 26 games for kinect  and 13 in PS Move available in retail.

Games and Exclusives

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One of the main differences that separates the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii is the games. If all the consoles have the same games, what is the point of buying the other?

One of the main reasons people bought the 360 is because of the famous game called Halo 3. It already sould 8.1 million units in just a couple of months and it became the best-selling video game of 2007 in the U.S.

Another notable franchise for the xbox 360 is Gears of war. It is another flagship title for the 360. When Gears of war 2 was released, it has sold 2.1 million copies on day one.

The Xbox 360 currently have 111 exclusives and some of the most notable games only for the 360 are Fable, Forza, Alan Wake and a bunch more.

The PS3’s selling point is the very high graphics that it can handle.

The most notable game for the PS3 would be the Uncharted franchise. It was the first to ever use 100%  of the PS3s Power.  Not only it has great graphics, the gameplay and story were also incredible. This game has recieved numerous award including Game of the year of 2009.

Another exclusive game for the PS3 is Metal Gear Solid 4. It is a must have for every PS3 owners.  The release of this game cause heavy boost in PS3 sales also. Metal gear solid has sold over 1 million copies in Europe during the first week of release.

Gran Turismo 5 is another great game for the PS3. It takes advantage of the bluray and fills every free space it on the bluray. Gran turismo has been in development for over 5 years and it was just released today.

There are many other  PS3 exclusives that are worth mentioning for the PS3 like Killzone, DC Universe, Littlebigplanet, infamous and a bunch more.

Although the Wii has been a success in terms of sales, the wii lacks high quality games and is riddled with shovelware(poor quality) games

Although there is a bunch of low quality games, Nintendo produces high quality games such  Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy is one of the best games for the Wii. It has received numerous awards from gaming websites including Game of the Year Award 2007

Another game worth mentioning is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Zelda and monster Hunter.

What does it mean for new buyers?

If you’re into shooters, online play and more talking, I would recommend the Xbox 360

If you’re into fighting, racing, RPG, sports, I would recommend the PS3

If you’re a casual gamer and want to play with your family, friends. Wii is the right choice for you.

Kinect vs Move

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With the success of the Wii is having, Microsoft and Sony decides to join the wagon on motion gaming.

On November 4, 2010, Microsoft released a new hardware peripheral for the 360 called Kinect. Kinect is a handsfree controller and microsoft advertises this as “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience”. With the use Kinect, we can now navigate through certain menus by sound activation or hand gestures. Kinect is basically a camera that tracks your whole body. Microsoft’s objective is to try to broaden the xbox 360 audience and invite casual players to play the 360. The launch of Kinect was very successful and it has become the “fastest selling consumer electronics device” according to Guinness World Record as it sold over 8million units in just 2 months.

In defense of Microsoft’s release of Kinect, Sony tries to battle Kinect by making “Move” controller. Move is a motion controller similar to the Wii controller. Move is a very accurate controller compared to Wii’s controller. It can track 3D movement and 100% precision which the Wii cannot do. Although the Move is clearly better than the wii’s controller, the weak lineup of games fail to deliver the Move’s technology and it doesn’t really offer anything new like the Kinect does. Move has sold 4mil units after 2 months of release.