Wii Fit: How a video game changed my life

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was the day  on May 2010, the day I decided to change. It was the day I got my Wii fit!

As soon as I stepped on it, it was then I realized I needed the change. I was disappointed by the information I was given. That is when I decided I change my eating habits and lose the weight.  With such little device, you could change your life drastically.

Yes, this device is so simple yet so life changing. I’ve been through hellish moments with this device and this has been my partner for the whole duration of my journey. Without this device, I would have never crossed the finish line. There may be times where I fell and stopped but I was able to get back on the wagon. Many people said that I wouldn’t make it and that only made me stronger because I strive for it. I want to prove they’re wrong. A video could change your life.


Sep2010-Feb 2011

For the moment I’m on a Hiatus and I plan to embark on  another journey soon… Wii Fit 2 please 🙂


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