Whats In store for us in the future?

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

We are nearing the end of this generation of console, in fact, Nintendo is gearing up for the next generation and is currently working on project cafe which is supposedly the successor of the Wii.

Is it time for us to upgrade to the next generation? The Wii surely needs an upgrade due to it being the least powerful against the 2.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 in my opinion still have the legs to run for at least two more years because Kinect and PS Move was just released. It is still early for an xbox 720 or a PS4 because we have yet to see the true potential of both consoles. Both systems are such a powerful device and it would take 2 more years for it to be outdated and struggle to run new games. Also, with the recession going on, it would be bad for the consumers to get the new gadgets and stay updated on a fast moving advancement in technology

With the newly released Kinect and PS move, we can expect more games to be released in the future. It would be a bad decision for Microsoft to release a new console now as more than 10million bought kinect and the consumers have yet to enough games for the Kinect. As of today, there is only 26 games for kinect  and 13 in PS Move available in retail.


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