Pros and Cons

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Every console has its ups and downs. And it is a good idea to own all 3 because it gives you variety of options on which game to play. But if you are tight on budget, this will help you decide to pick which one is the right for you

Xbox 360 Slim


-Robust online features – netflix, cross game chat, hulu plus, xbox live

-Exclusive games

-Larger userbase

-talkative players


-weekly promotions


-Have to pay for subscription

-Reliability issues


PS3 Slim


-Free online play

-Blu Ray

-Exclusive games

-great for entertainment


-Lack of online features

-no cross game chat

-little promotions



-Gives good workout

-fun with family and friends

-unique gameplay


-Non HD

-lack of quality games

If you’re into shooters, online play and more talking, I would recommend the Xbox 360

If you’re into fighting, racing, RPG, sports, I would recommend the PS3

If you’re a casual gamer and want to play with your family, friends. Wii is the right choice for you.


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