Lawsuits, lawsuits and more lawsuits

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

After Sony released their PS3 slim, Sony released an update to all the PS3 in which removes the OtherOS feature on all PS3. The reason of removal was because of a new found exploit that would render the PS3 vulnerable against hackers. If the user chose to not update, the user cannot go online. Because of this, Sony faced several lawsuits claiming that Sony is removing officially advertised features.

In august of 2010, a jailbreak was released to the public which enables the user to play illegal backups of any games and downloaded games. A few months later a team of hackers called fail0verflow found a private key that is used by Sony to run applications for the PS3. George Hotz, also known as the guy who hacked the iphone, later released the private key to the public. With the private key released to the public, the PS3 is vulnerable to any hacks including the installation of OtherOS. Soon after, Sony files a lawsuit for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

On April 26 2011, Sony shut down their servers due to an attack attempted by the hackers. Soon after, Sony made a public statement saying that the consumers personal information including their credit cards has been compromised. Sony admits that the stolen personal data was not encrypted and 77million of  personal information has been compromised. The next day, Sony faces another lawsuit for what is now being called ‘history’s largest ever data breach in the world”.  With over 77 million data stolen by the hackers, Sony will have a hard time trying to get back the consumers trust.

Lawsuits after lawsuits after lawsuits, how can sony survive a barrage of lawsuits and still get the consumer’s trust.


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