Kinect vs Move

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

With the success of the Wii is having, Microsoft and Sony decides to join the wagon on motion gaming.

On November 4, 2010, Microsoft released a new hardware peripheral for the 360 called Kinect. Kinect is a handsfree controller and microsoft advertises this as “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience”. With the use Kinect, we can now navigate through certain menus by sound activation or hand gestures. Kinect is basically a camera that tracks your whole body. Microsoft’s objective is to try to broaden the xbox 360 audience and invite casual players to play the 360. The launch of Kinect was very successful and it has become the “fastest selling consumer electronics device” according to Guinness World Record as it sold over 8million units in just 2 months.

In defense of Microsoft’s release of Kinect, Sony tries to battle Kinect by making “Move” controller. Move is a motion controller similar to the Wii controller. Move is a very accurate controller compared to Wii’s controller. It can track 3D movement and 100% precision which the Wii cannot do. Although the Move is clearly better than the wii’s controller, the weak lineup of games fail to deliver the Move’s technology and it doesn’t really offer anything new like the Kinect does. Move has sold 4mil units after 2 months of release.


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